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Serving Southern New Mexico

We are a locally owned and operated company serving southern New Mexico since 1981. Our quality -focused visionary company has a 31 year track record of increasing growth, visibility, and service to the community, by protecting the health and property of our clients. We have a strong culture rooted in trust, integrity, professionalism and excellence. We strive to use good judgment and common sense to meet our challenge.

Latest News

The Pest Bulletin // MARCH/APRIL 2016 Vol 28 • No 2

March 9, 2016
Here Come The Pests! Pests have been less active outdoors, but that always changes as the weather starts to warm in the spring. As pests wander about outdoors searching for food, water, shelter, mates, and places to lay eggs, many will find their way into homes. They don’t care that you…
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The Pest Bulletin // SEPT/OCTOBER 2015 Vol 27 • No 5

September 7, 2015
Fall Invasions Starting Fall is a surprisingly busy time for pests. A wide variety of pests start invading homes, looking for a place to spend the fall and winter. Their instincts tell them it’s time to search for a dry, warm crevice or cavity. They…
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The Pest Bulletin // JULY/AUGUST 2014 Vol 26 No 4

July 2, 2014
As bed bug infestations continue to spread, more studies are being done on them and we are often surprised by what we discover. Here are some facts to help people better understand the movements of this serious pest: Bed bugs are typically most active…
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DeWitt Pest Control is prepared and ready to provide quality and reliable pest control solutions for Southern New Mexico. We understand pest control and how frustrating and potentially devastating pests in the New Mexico area can be, and because of that our New Mexico pest control local offices are open in Alamogordo & Las Cruces. Additionally, all calls made during regular business hours will be attended to with utmost priority and care, and in most cases, our professional pest control services staff will be able to address your New Mexico area pest control concerns as quickly as possible.

DeWitt Pest Control - Alamogordo
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DeWitt Pest Control - Las Cruces
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Toll Free # 1-877-433-9488

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