The Pest Bulletin // JULY/AUGUST 2014 Vol 26 No 4

As bed bug infestations continue to spread, more studies are being done on them and we are often surprised by what we discover. Here are some facts to help people better understand the movements of this serious pest: Bed bugs are typically most active between midnight and dawn, but if the person or people they are feeding on change their sleeping habits and start sleeping during the day, the bed bugs adapt and will shift their activity period, coming out during the day to feed on their sleeping victim. Bed bug movement is mostly triggered by the need for a blood meal, which is influenced by temperature. They feed about once a week at 64O, but when it warms up to 80O they feed every three days. That’s why they are at their worse from July through September. Bed bugs stay as close to their sleeping host as their hiding places will allow them. But as the bed bug population grows, they have trouble finding harborage sites, and they start wandering further away.

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